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South Africans, the vaccine is here. Let’s get the jab!

President Cyril Ramaphosa was at the airport to welcome the first shipment of vaccines which he described as a “major milestone.”  The first batch is planned to benefit healthcare workers.

Although there are people who are reluctant to get vaccinated, many South Africans cannot wait to get a chance to get the immunity they need against this invisible enemy.

Lindiwe Mahlangu from Johannesburg inner city said it is a great relief just to hear that the vaccine landed in our country.

“People who have lost their relatives would have loved this opportunity to get their loved ones vaccinated.”

She said it breaks her heart to see people talking about not getting the vaccines, with unproven theories that the vaccine could be dangerous to them. “Surely, such people have not lost anyone close to them due to Covid-19. This virus is deadly. We need all the immunity we can get. At least our government has been working hard to secure the vaccine,” said Lindiwe.

One of the skeptics is Vincent Ndima from Alexandra in Johannesburg who said he is doubtful that he will take the vaccine. “We are only told and encouraged to take the vaccine without knowing much about its side effects.

“I have so many questions that the government must address to ordinary citizens on how it will all work,” said Vincent.

Vincent’s words of doubt are countered by an energetic song and dance by the internationally-renowned Ndlovu Youth Choir with a Jaba jaba hit. The song encourages South Africans to get vaccinated in order to beat the virus.

Nandos too has posted an advertisement that criticises conspiracy theories about vaccines.

“The government isn’t trying to put chips in you. But we are,” read the poster advert.

Scrolla.Africa spoke to Dr Angelique Coetzee who is involved in getting the private practitioners vaccinated in collaboration with the South African National Department of Health and and provinces on behalf of the South African Medical Association (SAMA).

“First the vaccinators need to be vaccinated then we need to wait for their immune systems to kick in, then they will start to vaccinate the Healthcare workers,” said Dr Coetzee.

Ramaphosa added on Monday night: “It is up to us to get vaccinated as soon as we are eligible and to stop the virus from spreading further.”

Video source: @ChoirAfrica

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