Joburg’s road signs send a message

By Everson Luhanga

Whether its votes or potholes, the ANC seems to be losing the battle.

With load-shedding up to Stage 8 and shortages of water, the road infrastructure has been one of the hardest hit, with potholes in many parts of the country.

Now people have been painting “ANC” around the holes.

The silent protest is not a joke.

Drivers are often seen swinging from one side of the road to another to avoid the deadly potholes on the country’s roads.

The potholes  have resulted in damaged vehicles, or worse, injuries.

Some people have been seen bathing in the holes and enjoying refreshments while motorists try to avoid them.

In October 2021 Scrolla.Africa published a story about “Ekasi Beach”, where residents of Evaton West, in Mkhelele extension 11 in the Vaal, turned the potholes into a beach where people spent time swimming. 

After the story was published, the Gauteng government closed the potholes, ending the ekasi’s beach experience.

In Johannesburg, the Roads Agency assures residents that if their car damage is linked to problems related to the road infrastructure the agency maintains in the city, they can file a claim.

Pictured above: Road art in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs


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