‘Give all South Africans a universal income grant’ 

By Doreen Mokgolo

Hendrick Kekana, the president of the Basic Income Grant SA (BigSA) political party, wants a universal income grant for all South Africans. 

The party calls for a basic grant of R1,500 for anyone older than 18 and R3,500 for anyone older than 26. 

Kekana says 80% of working South Africans earn R7,500 or less a month and are barely surviving. 

He believes the grant would help a lot. 

“Through the basic income grant, those struggling to keep up will access the grant, which will be administered by the banks and not Sassa. This is to avoid ghost beneficiaries that exist in the current system,” he said.

Kekana said BigSA will reduce personal income tax and introduce a universal sales tax.

It plans to fight hunger, poverty, unemployment, illegal immigration, crime, corruption and teenage pregnancy.

The party is registered to contest in Gauteng’s elections on 29 May and aims to get a foot in the provincial legislature to fight for its ideas to be heard.

The party was registered in 2021 after spending years working as a lobby group, trying to get the attention of senior government leaders to entertain their ideas.

Kekana said they felt ignored by senior government officials even after former president Jacob Zuma gave them the thumbs up.

“We believe that taking part in the elections is the only way we will be part of the decision-makers in this country and for our ideas to be given the attention they deserve as citizens of this country.

“We are now relying on the citizens of this country to trust us with their vote,” Kekana said.

Pictured above: Hendrick Kekana.

Image source: Supplied 


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