Jailed and beaten but never bowed

The American civil rights leader John Lewis died last week at 80.

Lewis was a senior member of the Democratic Party in the US Congress and had close ties to South Africa.

During American segregation he was jailed and assaulted when he led protests for racial justice. American segregation – where blacks in the South were forced to live separately, and denied the vote – lasted until the mid 1960s.

Lewis’ death comes at a time when American politics is on fire.

In the elections this November President Donald Trump will try get another term, which many believe would be disastrous for world peace and black rights.

Trump has been stoking racial tensions among his core white right-wing base as the Black Lives Matter movement protests against widespread racism and police brutality.

The above video was produced by the Lincoln Project – a team of campaigners from Trump’s own Republican party, which has raised millions of dollars to campaign against his re-election.