It’s Kwai-Jazz as Don Laka and Ihhashi Elimhlophe collaborate

Linda Ximba

Veteran Maskandi musician Bheki Ngcobo, popularly known as Ihhashi Elimhlophe, likes to explore by fusing different genres to make music.

That’s why when he got a call from legendary Jazz musician Don Laka, it didn’t take them long to come up with a single, which they have titled “Laphendlini.”

Ngcobo, who has been in the music industry for over 30 years, says the song will have the sound of kwai-jazz and maskandi elements.

Laka is a respected artist in his own right. 

Besides being a prolific piano player, he has produced various artists who sing in different styles.

“Bra Don and I come a long way and this collaboration is long overdue. I like his style and he likes mine and that’s why when he came up with the idea to sing together I knew we would connect and make magic in the studio,” said Ngcobo.

The maskandi veteran said it’s not the first time he has fused the traditional sound with other genres.

“In the past I have worked with the likes of kwaito artists Boom Shaka, Sbu maLawyer, house DJs like DJ Oskido, and Mbhaqanga greats – Soul Brothers – and the response from the public was very good. I believe this collaboration with bra Don will be embraced as well.”

He concluded that they are currently busy with a video shoot and will drop the single on iTunes and other platforms before the end of this month.

Picture source: Facebook

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