Inspired to make the world a better place

Lungani Zungu

Nontuthuko Mgabhi has done a lot of charity work, but Khiphinkunzi Primary School is etched in her heart.

“I am grateful that I can add something to make our country better,” said Nontuthuko, the long-distance runner who has raised millions of rands for charity. 

Nontuthuko runs daunting international marathons so that destitute children could benefit.

She is inspired by the words of Oprah Winfrey, who said: “I create the highest vision for my life, because I will become what I believe.” 

Nontuthuko has managed to keep going, and the primary school in Mtubatuba, KZN has got a R1.7 million facelift through her unrelenting hard work.

“It was very heart-warming to see the children rejoice. These are the things that keep me going through tough times in my life,” she said.

But for the 700 pupils to rejoice she ran the 42,195 km World Marathon Challenge in seven continents. 

She currently works at the Richards Bay Coal Terminal. 

Her childhood at Mseleni in Umhlabuyalingana, northern KZN helped her develop the never-give-up attitude.

“As a young girl, I had to compete with boys and prove that I was no different from them. I wanted to do what boys did. That’s where my strength comes from,” she said.  

“I never thought I would be where I am in life. It feels unreal. I want to help young people to realise their potential and fight for their dreams.”

She encouraged people to do something in their world and make positive changes in the country.

“If we all do something positive in our spaces, our country will become a better place and many people will thrive. All people need is a little help. Let’s all contribute to make our beautiful country a better place.”