“I have always been a cheater” – Ryan Giggs

Dylan Bettencourt

Former footballer Ryan Giggs admitted to a court that he has always been a “love cheater” but denied ever assaulting his former girlfriend, Kate Greville.

The ex-Manchester United winger claimed in the Manchester Crown Court that he has never been faithful to women, as per The Times.

Giggs is on trial for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her younger sister.

Speaking for the first time at the trial, the Welshman revealed that he was a flirt by nature who was not able to resist females “regardless of their marital status”.

The relationship between Giggs and Greville began as an affair while both of them were married.

Giggs’s lawyer Chris Daw said that his client was commonly known for two things, football and infidelity.

“In the course of your relationships with women, up to and including Ms Greville, have you managed to be faithful to any of them?” Daw asked his client.

Giggs replied: “No.”

“If an attractive woman has shown you interest regardless of your marital status, are you able to resist?” Daw asked Giggs.

Giggs had the same response: “No.”

In addition to being accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend, Giggs has also been charged with controlling and coercive behaviour towards her.

Greville accused Giggs of attempting to control the relationship but he accused her of attempting the same, particularly when she was jealous.

“She ordered me to message certain women with whom she incorrectly accused me of having an affair,” Giggs told police.

“She dictated the content of the messages and watched me while I sent them.”

Giggs was also accused of attempting to blackmail Greville following an argument. When Giggs’s lawyer Chris Daw asked him why an email sent to Greville  was considered blackmail, Giggs replied that it was only a joke and that the video attached was of her “dancing embarrassingly and acting silly at a Christmas party which was outside of her nature.”

Image source: @SkyNews


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