Hurricane blows American flamingos up north

Five fabulous flamingos have been spotted strutting their stuff on Lake Michigan’s shoreline, almost 2,000 km from their native Florida.

The scene was so flamingo-mazing that onlookers flocked in big numbers to catch a glimpse of these unexpected VIPs.

It’s the first ever flamingo sighting of its kind in Wisconsin, said bird buff Mark Korducki, AP reported. Three of these sun-lovers were pretty in pink, while two younger birds sported a grey coat of feathers.

Expert Ryan Brady thinks they might’ve been sent on this northern trek by Hurricane Idalia’s winds.

The powerful hurricane hit Florida’s shores late in August.

Jim Edelhuber, one of the 75 bird fans at the beach, gushed, “This is huge. This is unbelievable.”

But it’s not just Wisconsin! Other northern US states like Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have also recently seen these feathered celebrities. 

Usually, these flamingos are chillin’ in Florida, the Gulf Coast, the Caribbean, or northern South America, far from Wisconsin’s chilly shores. 

Local Debbie Gasper said she’s only seen these birds on exotic trips to Aruba. She’s snapping pics to show her Georgia family, saying they “aren’t going to believe it”.

Pictured above: Flamingos at the wrong beach 

Image source: Twitter


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