High praise for boy who makes cardboard superheroes

Sizwe Sibiya

A 14-year-old Nigerian boy is wowing social media with his superhero outfits made from cardboard.

Praise ‘The Makesmith’ Kelechi from Port Harcourt in Nigeria has just posted his latest creation – an Ironman outfit.

Praise, who attends Kharisland International College, said he started making superhero outfits in 2013.

“I started when I was seven years old. I was not taught. It is my talent,” said Praise who wants to be a robotics and mechatronics engineer.

Praise said he chose to make superheroes because of the people he looks up to. 

He said he was inspired by the youtuber Hacksmith who recreates superhero gadgets. And by the American special effects designer Adam Savage who is known for hosting shows like MythBusters and Unchained.

Praise has attracted hundreds of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

One fan exclaimed: “He’s making it out of a pile of scrap! This little man is doing the work of literal super-heroes!”

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