Hello, darkness my old friend. You’ve been away for such a long time

Lightbulb and candle

Dylan Bettencourt

Load shedding is back and the same old excuses are being trotted out again.

South Africa’s sole electricity provider said in a statement that they are forced to implement stage 2 load shedding because of a shortage of generation capacity, coupled with the severely cold weather in parts of the country. 

“The load shedding is due to the loss of two generating units at the Kusile power station and one each at the Medupi and Tutuka stations,” Eskom said. 

The load shedding will be implemented from 4pm all the way through to 9pm on Thursday 22 July to cope with the shortage of generation capacity. 

As always, Eskom urged their customers to use electricity sparingly in order to ease the amount of pressure their power system faces, especially during winter where the load is substantially increased. The utility said they will provide further updates on the outages as the repairs on their systems continue. 

South Africa is in the midst of a freezing cold front, with temperatures set to reach a low of -5°C overnight. 

Image source: @CapeBusinessNews