Hebronites are doing it for themselves

Tebogo Moobi

The main road in Hebron, North West is riddled with potholes, and locals know without taking matters into their own hands, it might never be fixed.

So, they took to the street with their axes and shovels.

The residents from Block E, rolled up their sleeves and repaired a damaged road that had been a problem for a long time.

Using their bakkies and private cars, the community members in the area looked for help to get material for the repairs.

This is one of the communities in the area that have been fighting for service delivery. They have protested, blocked roads, burnt tires and engaged in many meetings to get the government to hear their cries, but nothing has happened.

On Saturday men and women got into action and used shovels and picks to mix concrete and cement to start the repair project on the main road.

The road has been in such bad condition that it damages cars when it is dry. When it rains it becomes totally undriveable.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Isaac Nkwe said they have decided to do something themselves because the situation was unacceptable.

“For over ten years we have been promised proper roads and infrastructure so we decided to use our own hands to improve our lives,” he said.

Hebron is an example of unhappy communities who have taken matters into their own hands to improve their lives.