‘Have kids early — DJ Sbu 

By Rorisang Modiba

Sibusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope says people should have children when they are young. 

In a video message, the South African DJ, media personality, businessman, and author said that although he is in his 40s and has a daughter – “and although I am the father of a whole lot of other children” – he wishes he had more children. 

He noted that many parents regret not having children earlier, and said it is advantageous to start a family at a younger age despite the potential financial and other challenges.

“It might be inconvenient when you’re still in your 20s bringing them up, but I think you’ll thank yourself at a later stage,” he said.

An X user commented: “I agree. Have kids early. Decide on the number of kids you want and decide who will be the biological parent partners. Life has proven that the person you make a child with is not always going to be your life partner. Decide on the number and produce.” 

Khuba_BAM said: “No way! One needs to enjoy their youth without doubling as parents.”

Another tweet on X, from a user styling themselves as ‘Our land back now, said’: “We should be trying to reduce having children out of wedlock but this guy is busy talking nonsense with such a big following.”

Pictured above: DJ Sbu 

Image source: X


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