Phillip van Niekerk in Washington DC

Donald Trump faces a bleak future as he prepares to leave the White House for the last time on Wednesday.

On his way out the door the American President was preparing to pardon more than a hundred of his associates for criminal activities – squeezing one last outrage from his final 24 hours of office.

Unlike every President for the last 162 years Trump will not attend the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden. He and his family will fly out to his Mar a Lago resort in Florida where he will have plenty of time to play golf and stew.

As the United States and the world prepares to celebrate, it will be all downhill for Don the con:

·      He is deep in debt – hundreds of millions of dollars in payments will come due as banks refuse to lend to his companies

·      His brand is ruined – no-one will want to build Trump Hotels anymore

·      Even the Professional Golfers’ Association has pulled its competition from his golf course

·      He faces a slew of legal cases including prosecution for tax fraud in New York

·      He could be charged for inciting an insurrection – for which he has already been impeached

·      Twitter and other social media sites have banned him from their platforms

·      His approval rating is 34% and sinking

Before anyone begins to feel sorry for him, Trump has left the US in a mess.

As he flies over Washington DC on Airforce One he will have time to reflect on his time in office: four years of non-stop lies and corruption, the rise of white nationalism, two impeachments and the death of 400,000 Americans from Covid.

After he lost the election, he told a big fat lie, convincing millions of people that he had won, and egging on thousands of his supporters to storm the Capitol.

He will look down on a city that resembles a war zone, capital of a deeply divided nation.

So, Donald Trump, the people of South Africa join the rest of the world in saying: “Hamba!”

Video source: TikTok


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