Haaland’s bonsai tree a symbol of Man City’s success 

A bonsai tree in Manchester City’s training ground has become a surprising symbol of unity for Pep Guardiola’s team. 

Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing small trees in pots and trimming the branches and roots to keep them small.

The little tree, admired by players as they passed through the physio room, was Norwegian striker Erling Haaland’s idea.

Known for his calm approach to life, Haaland’s suggestion to bring in the bonsai perfectly matches his personality. 

The tree quickly became a team project, with players feeling a sense of responsibility towards it.

The bonsai, needing care to grow, reflected Haaland’s role in the team. 

Both the player and the plant needed specific conditions to flourish and as the team took care of the bonsai, they also made sure that Haaland had what he needed to succeed. 

Despite recent criticisms of his performance, including harsh words from Roy Keane, the team knows the value that Haaland brings. 

His presence on the field demands attention from opponents, opening opportunities for his teammates. 

Haaland acknowledges the need to improve, particularly in taking his chances in front of goal, but remains committed to growth without overthinking the situation.

The bonsai tree story, revealed in a new Netflix documentary released on 2 April, represents more than just team spirit. 

It shows Haaland’s approach to life and football, emphasising calmness, focus and the importance of a supportive environment. 

Compiled by staff writer

Pictured above: Manchester City. 

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