Grootman denies leaking sex tape

By Rorisang Modiba

Social media influencer Grootman – real name Themba Selahle – says Gcinile Twala, his ex-girlfriend and media influencer, leaked a tape of them having sex to gain sympathy.

The sex tape went viral on social media on Monday morning.

Comments on social media channels show the public felt Grootman had leaked the “revenge porn” tape and demanded he be arrested. 

Grootman denied leaking the video and instead accused Gcinile of sharing it to get sympathy from people.

“She took a while to claim she was abused because everyone expected that after a breakup,” he said.

“She wanted to show off by moving on and choosing a better partner, but it’s not working because she’s with a loser again, just like before.”

Grootman also criticised fans who automatically sided with Gcinile.

“She’s using the oldest trick in the book to gain sympathy and support instead of being called out for who she really is. She knows people will easily say ‘I believe her’ without knowing both sides of the story. 

“That won’t work here, darling. You can tell that to your naive fans. Your lifestyle choices have caught up with you because of your own foolishness.” 

Pictured above: Grootman and Gcinile Twala. 

Image source: X


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