“Goodbye to Armani”

Sizwe Sibiya

The crackdown by the Hawks on corrupt politicians and businessmen has made it into song.

Award winning musician Sho Madjozi has produced a theme song for the Special Crimes Unit. 

The chorus goes: “The Hawks have arrived”.

A video of the song is circulating widely on social media.

The video, on Twitter, shows the Hawks repossessing expensive cars from a town house.

A group of journalists are seen documenting the event outside the gate.


The song then tells what happens to corrupt people when their crimes catch up with them.

“They used to be full, that they can’t even move.” 

“They used to have shoes, that they can’t even choose.”

“Now the whole crew is showing up in the news,” the song continues.

“Goodbye to the money, goodbye to the honey.

“Goodbye to Armani.”

Video source: @HermaineM

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