Going out in style – or any style you want

Funeral firm Go As You Please is offering custom-made coffins with unconventional designs to lighten the mood and spark conversations about death.

Breaking free from traditional sadness encourages customers to explore a wide range of ideas, from Doctor Who’s TARDIS to a pint of Tennent’s Lager or a bottle of Bell’s whisky.

And there’s no stopping there! They cater to fans of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and even Only Fools and Horses. 

Each coffin is tailored to meet the individual preferences of the customer, ensuring a personalised farewell.

Scott Purvis, general manager at Go As You Please, which is located in Scotland, explained that many of their coffin designs are born out of honest conversations with customers while they are still alive, Sky News reported. 

As more people are now arranging their own funerals in advance, it allows them to discuss death openly, breaking the taboo surrounding the topic and relieving their families of the burden later on.

Some unique designs include a Dyson box for a customer who had a knack for repairing old vacuum cleaners. There is also a coffin made from old pallets in tribute to a man who crafted useful items for his shed out of scrap wood.


While the displays of these unconventional coffins in the company’s branch windows might initially raise eyebrows, Purvis emphasised that they are intended to showcase the possibilities and start important conversations. 

He emphasised that these picture coffins are not about novelty but about celebrating individuality. Families are encouraged to participate in the design process and even get involved in making the coffins. 

Some families have created beautiful photo montages featuring family memories, bringing loved ones together to adorn the blank canvas of a coffin.

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Pictured above: The fun coffin designs

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