“God and my ancestors kept me alive for a reason”

Everson Luhanga

When Simon Mhlanga came home from war in 1945 he had no family and no place to stay.

Rather than drowning in poverty he had to make a plan. 

“I had to fight my way to a better life.”

One thing he brought back from the army was that he was fit and healthy.

“I had always loved sport and I wanted to make a living through sports and fitness.”

He became a team official at Motherwell football club in Roodepoort and that paid for his rent.

He said he started:

•    A soccer club where he trained many young boys to play the beautiful game

•    He started a musical choir, a drum majorette troupe and a brass band

Mhlanga’s house is decorated with many gold, silver, and bronze trophies, certificates and medals that he has won over the years for different sporting and dancing activities. 

“I started different sporting and dancing activities to empower the children.”

He travelled through the country entertaining people.

“I didn’t only teach young people about sports but also some discipline and life lessons. 

“Life started to be beautiful again. Many things could make sense in life and the reason that I was kept alive by my God and my ancestors.”

Mhlanga has a special gift that he inherited from his late father.

He is an African doctor who for many years has healed clients from all over the country. 

He told Scrolla.Africa he has healed many people from different sicknesses. He has also boosted the libido of young people who are underperforming in bed and are on the verge of losing their partners

He took us to his indumba. Before going inside his ancestral house, he spoke to his ancestors from the door. “Please welcome your son’s blessings who will let the world know about your healing power.”

Mhlanga said when he went to war in the early 1940s, he thought he was going to die.

“My ancestors protected me. They were greater than all the battles and troubles I faced far from home. 

“Even though I was in the war, I knew I had a gift from my father and he protected me so that I could fulfill his dream of helping masses,” he said.