Duduzane Zuma’s quote of the year: He calls for “careful and responsible looting”

Arthur Greene

Duduzane Zuma, a presidential hopeful and the son of the imprisoned former president Jacob Zuma, has just produced the undisputed quote of the year.

In an 11 minute video he calls for peace, and a request to protesters and looters: “For the people that are protesting and looting, please do so carefully and please do so responsibly.”

After being criticised by many for fanning the flames of unrest among supporters of his father for the past week, the video is a string of solemn remarks, such as “death and destruction are not a solution,” and protests that he has “not made any inflammatory, any divisive and any inciting statements.”

But then he also called for responsible and careful looting and protesting.

You can almost hear the sound of Duduzane’s PR team slapping their foreheads.

How does one loot “carefully”?

By telling all the other looters to stand back while you smash a shop window? By lifting with your knees and not your back when picking up a TV?

In an earlier TikTok video, he defined his presidential campaign as “reset, redistribute, rebuild,” which probably more accurately describes the frantic editing job inevitably now being done on that video.

On Tuesday, the DA’s John Steenhuisen said they will be laying criminal charges against Duduzane, his sister Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla and the EFF’s Julius Malema for instigating violence.

“It’s no secret that leaders of the pro-Zuma faction as well as others with aligned interests, have been fanning the flames on social media with impunity,” Steenhuisen said.

Video source: @RamsByTheHorns