Dudula Movement leader set to hand himself in to the police

Everson Luhanga

The leader of Alexandra’s Dudula Movement, Msayza, has said he will hand himself over to the police on Wednesday morning, Scrolla.Africa can exclusively reveal.

Msayza, whose real name is Simon Rati, led violent anti-immigrant demonstrations in Alexandra’s Pan Africa Mall on Monday. Protestors clashed with foreign business owners after they forcibly tried to close down their shops and even set fire to some of their stalls.

At least 10 people were injured in the clashes.

Police have confirmed that six suspects were arrested on Monday and Tuesday following the incident.

Msayza told Scrolla.Africa that he decided to hand himself in because the police called him to come to the station.

“Police told me that if I don’t go to the station, they will fetch me from home or wherever I will be,” he said.

Msayza revealed to Scrolla.Africa that the protest to drive foreigners out of Alexandra – whether they are documented or not – will continue. He said others will step in to lead the protests.

“I can tell you now that Wednesday will be interesting.

“We had a meeting with members from different stakeholders on Tuesday evening and have a plan in place,” he said.

“I have decided to hand myself in tomorrow,” he said after walking out of the meeting to speak to Scrolla.Africa.

“We are not backing down and we are not afraid of being arrested by the police,” he added.