Former President Jacob Zuma snubbed the Constitutional Court on Wednesday, ignoring a deadline to advise how he should be punished for being in contempt of court.

In the latest round of the fight over Zuma’s subpoena to testify to the Zondo commission, Zuma sent a 21 page letter criticising the court, questioning whether it should be involved in his battle with the Zondo commission. 

Zuma had until the end of Wednesday to file papers on what his sentence should be for being held in contempt of court for refusing to testify about corruption during his presidency. 

The Court asked for an affidavit no longer than 15 pages.

Instead it got a 21 page letter, which said: 

“I am resigned to being a prisoner of the Constitutional Court because it is clear to me that the Constitutional Court considers the Zondo Commission to be central to our national life and the search for the national truth on the state of governance during my presidency.”

He ended the letter saying: “I am ready for the finding the Constitutional Court is already contemplating, but will not clothe it with the legitimacy of my participation at this late stage and for a purpose that is so obvious. I shall await the decision of your esteemed court and am preparing myself for its obvious although unjustified severity.”

Picture source: @TheRealJZ


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