DJ LadyShiks adds sauce to her music

Sizwe Sibiya

When she spins the discs, she makes the right beats – when she’s in front of her cooking pots she makes sharp-sharp homemade chilli sauce.

DJ LadyShiks, 28, told Scrolla.Africa chilli sauce wasn’t always part of her show, but she grew up knowing she was going to be a DJ.

“My father was a tavern owner. I didn’t know any other life except that of waking up in the morning with noise. And going to bed was the same thing – the sound of a busy tavern ringing in my ears,” she said.

“I mastered listening to two tunes at once with my dad playing his music in the tavern and the patrons playing music in their cars. I was only five years old when I started dancing.”

LadyShiks, now the resident DJ for Capricorn FM’s Weekend Breakfast Show said her career took off when she was doing a BSc Degree in Water and Sanitation at the University of Limpopo. She joined the famous Soul Candi music institution where she completed a course in 2013.

She has more than eight years in the industry, but she has only released one track titled Ni Langhe Wena for which she was nominated as Best Female DJ at the 2019 Limpopo Awards and saw her sharing stages with most of South African prominent DJs and music artists.


At her gigs she said she is easily recognised by her display of her special chilli sauce.

“I’m a fan of spicy food and I love cooking. One evening, I ran out of peri-peri sauce so, I decided to create something different,” said LadyShiks who is now the proud owner of the Shiks Kitchen sauces.

“I also bring the sauces to my gigs. I am already supplying two shisa nyamas in Limpopo.”

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