DJ Karri sends DJ Mujava to rehab

By Doreen Mokgolo

“King of Bacardi” hit-maker DJ Mujava has taken the first steps to end his drug addiction and get back in the studio to make more international hits. 

Photos of DJ Mujava looking in a bad way on the streets of Tshwane recently surfaced on social media.

The 39-year-old music producer – real name Elvis Maswanganyi – is known for several hits, including “Mugwanti”, that took him to international stages.

On Friday, DJ Karri took the once-famous DJ to the Anti-Drugs Gangsterism and Crime rehabilitation centre in Seshego, Limpopo, “to gain strength and stability”. 

DJ Karri, real name Karabo Mokgara, who is helping artists struggling with drug addiction, said: “Mujava is talented. We danced to his music in the past and now he needs our help to rebuild his life. I want to help him get back in the studio to make more music.”

Speaking to Scrolla.Africa, Mujava’s mother, Rose Maswanganyi, said she is happy that her son is getting help to rebuild his life.

“We only identified that he has a drug problem when it was already too late. We tried unsuccessfully to have him admitted and eventually gave up hoping he would one day change his mind,” she said.  

“It pained me seeing him in that state and I felt helpless, but I prayed and hoped for a better day.”

Rose said when her son was at the top of the entertainment industry he was loved by many and travelled the world with his music.

“He started very young. I supported him and I was proud that he was doing what he loved. I had no idea the same talent would lead him to drugs and a life that could lead to his destruction. He is my son. I love him and I believe he still has a lot to offer,” she said. 

Pictured above: DJ Karri and DJ Mujava.

Image source: Supplied


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