Dad accused of raping yet another family member

By Songeziwe Mapukata

A second victim has come forward and has accused a 41-year-old man from Mthatha of rape while he is in police custody facing charges of raping his own daughter.

The second victim made the accusation when the alleged rapist appeared for the second time at the Mthatha Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. He had previously withdrawn his bail application.

The second victim, who is now 15 years old, is also the accused’s niece. The sexual abuse allegedly started when she was about 12 years old when he touched her private parts and rubbed his penis between her legs. 

Speaking on behalf of the family, human rights activist Coceka Gantile told Scrolla.Africa: “The child is in high school. The family is still in shock and the mother is battling to cope with this discovery.”

Gantile said many people know who they are and they ask questions. This does not sit well with them. 

“The family is very supportive of both the victims, but it is not an easy journey for them. Psychologically they need quick assistance, which I am still trying to get for them,” said Gantile. 

“They need professionals to speak to them and help them understand what has happened and also to get advice to cope with their ordeal. They are not okay.”

A rape case was opened in March at Mthatha Central Police Station.

At the beginning of May, Scrolla Africa reported that the accused, Siyanda Sobethwa, has allegedly been raping his daughter for the past nine years, who is now 17 years old.

We spoke to the victim’s mother who said that her child had hoped for university enrollment after passing matric last year. She broke her silence about the rapes when her dreams did not come to fruition. The rapes have been happening since she was eight years old.

Although he had been threatening to kill his daughter if she ever told anyone, yesterday, the mother told Scrolla.Africa that they have been at ease now that the accused is behind bars.

The NPA has not been available to comment. The case is set to resume at the Mthatha Regional Court on 11 July.

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