DA chased out of Hammanskraal

By Doreen Mokgolo

An angry mob of Hammanskraal residents forced DA Gauteng provincial leader Solly Msimanga and party members to abandon their planned election campaigns in the township on Thursday.

The angry residents, who were not wearing political slogans on their clothing, are alleged to be members of the ANC in the area.

During their attack, the mob pulled down DA branding and threw down the food that was prepared for the attendees. They also vandalised a car transporting Msimanga and other DA leaders.

The DA members had to run for safety while the leaders were escorted out of the area by police.

The angry residents demanded that Msimango and his entourage campaign in rich suburbs where the DA-led government is delivering services.

Msimanga is running to be the premier of Gauteng in the upcoming national elections.

Resident Kedibone Malatji told Scrolla.Africa they don’t want any DA events as the party has not delivered services in the area.

“Since the DA took over leadership in 2016, we have not tasted any services,” said Kedibone. “Projects have been stopped, roads are not tarred and even the water truck that used to deliver daily only comes twice a week.

“Look around. There is no sign of service delivery in this area. We are tired of their empty promises. We don’t want them here. Not today and not tomorrow.”

Ward 95 councillor William Kgopa could not confirm if any of the attackers were ANC members.

“I don’t know what happened or if there were any plans to attack the [DA] members. I was called from a meeting [and warned] that there was a crisis in my ward and found this mess,” he said.

Msimanga said: “They can break our gazebos, break our sound system, break our cars, but our spirit will never be broken. South Africa, you deserve better.”

He said they had received voice notes and messages threatening that they should not campaign in the area.

“Thirty years into democracy there cannot be any no-go areas. Your councillors are stopping us from campaigning,” Msimanga  said. 

Pictured above: DA members.

Image source: Supplied 


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