Cyan Boujee shows off boyfriend in Turkey

By Rorisang Modiba

South African influencer, Cyan Boujee, real name Honour Zuma, showed off her new lover in Turkey after reportedly getting her third brazilian butt lift (BBL) operation. 

The 22-year-old all but confirmed her surgery when she shared images from her hospital stay, including a comfortable setup, and gifts like flowers and a teddy bear. 

She also posted an image with a man believed to be her boyfriend, whose identity remains unknown. 

Earlier this year, Cyan was accused of assault by her former manager, Wellington Malete. 

In an Instagram story, Cyan called the situation ridiculous, stressing that her move to a new agency was due to Malete’s poor behaviour.

She suggested the eye injury claimed by her former manager could be fake: “If you’re going to fake an eye injury there is nothing I can do.”

Pictured above: Cyan Boujee and her lover.

Image source: Instagram


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