You can’t make this up.

For months US President Donald Trump has refused to wear a mask and downplayed Covid while 200,000 people in America died.

On Thursday night the little virus caught up with him. He announced that he and his wife Melania have tested positive.

The bombshell comes just weeks before the presidential election on 3 November.

It’s the world’s most important election in a generation. If Trump wins another four-year term, we can expect war, economic turmoil, and accelerated global warming for the rest of the planet. 

Trump has revolutionised politics, brought racism and extreme right conspiracy theories into the mainstream and told more than 22,000 lies in less than four years.

While downplaying the virus and peddling quack remedies, Trump has held big rallies for his supporters, most of whom don’t wear masks.

During the first debate on Tuesday night Trump mocked his opponent, the Democrats’ Joe Biden, for wearing a mask.

His four children and other aides who attended the debate refused to wear masks, despite pleas by medical officials.

The debate was widely acknowledged to be the worst in American history. Trump interrupted, lied, and refused to condemn white supremacist groups, who are a key part of his support base. 

After the debate on Wednesday night he travelled to a big gathering at one of his golf courses to raise money, where he mingled with hundreds of people. Again, few wore masks.