Covid kids struggle to take disease seriously

The good news is that all 204 learners who got Covid-19 at Makaula Senior – the biggest school outbreak in SA – have recovered.

The bad news is that it makes it harder to get children and parents to take the virus seriously. 

This video is circulating on the Makaula Senior School parents’ social media groups. 

While infected children might recover, they can pass the potentially deadly disease to their elders.

  • It’s also too soon to know if there are longer side effects in children and adults. Doctors say there is still much to find out about this complicated disease. 
  • So far it seems children almost always recover from Covid-19, but some do not: three young children died of the disease in America recently.
  • It’s the heart of the problem with Covid-19: the disease is only deadly for a few – but can be passed on by anyone. 

On Friday there was the biggest single daily jump so far in national cases – 9,063 – with the fastest rise in Gauteng, where hospitals are now overflowing. The Covid-19 storm is expected to last until after the winter.

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