City of Cape Town worker accused of running dirty scheme 

By Buziwe Nocuze

Residents of Kuyasa in Khayelitsha have accused a City of Cape Town employee of demanding cash before taking away their rubbish.

Msindisi Ngcobo, 29, told Scrolla.Africa how shocked he was when the employee asked residents to give her money so that she could buy a drink.

“I remember the day too well, it was a hot day and I thought she was asking because of that until she constantly did that every time they came to collect rubbish in our areas,” said Ngcobo.

Residents who refused to give her money had to keep their waste. 

“Everyone knows her, and she left the waste of those who refused to give her money,” Ngcobo added. 

After residents realised that she allegedly asked for money every time, they confronted her. 


“Your rubbish bins are always full, yes I get paid but you are too much with your rubbish, and I always go home feeling back pain,” the employee told residents. 

Residents have alleged that the employee has been soliciting R50 from them, with some stating that they feel that she is greedy.

“This is not right, we are already struggling financially, and now we must pay someone to do their job, this is unacceptable,” another resident added. 

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Waste Management, Grant Twigg, said their collection staff is not permitted to solicit donations for removing waste from residential households.

“The cost of providing a collection service is already covered through the Solid Waste Collections tariff on residents’ rate accounts, and collection staff is appropriately remunerated for their services,” he said. 

Pictured above: Khayelitsha township in Cape Town where a City worker has been accused of demanding money before taking away residents’ rubbish bins

Image source: Buziwe Nocuze

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