Chilling footage shows final moments before mother goes missing on trip with lover

Everson Luhanga

Zama Maphisa and her boyfriend’s relationship was on the rocks. Things became so serious that when he suggested they go for breakfast out of town to fix their problems, she agreed.

But since the couple travelled to Mpumalanga from Alexandra, Johannesburg, three weeks ago, Zama has not been seen.

She has not come home, leaving a three-month-old baby behind.

According to her sister Tracy Sithole, her boyfriend Lefadi Chego came back and gave Zama’s cellphone to her teen children and vanished.

Tracy told Scrolla.Africa that the couple had a rocky relationship.

She said her sister’s relationship with Lefadi, who is married to another woman, went from bad to worse after Zama gave birth to their son three months ago.

On 28 September, Lefadi requested that Zama go with him for a breakfast “to iron things out”. 

“Zama prepared herself and the baby but Lefadi told her that they should leave the child behind,” said Tracy.

The following day, Tracy said the family saw posts of Zama on her social media pages that she was in the bushes of Mpumalanga and it looked like she was enjoying herself, but soon after, her phone went off.

On the same day, Lefadi called the family and told them Zama had been hospitalised after eating rotten chilli prawns.

“He couldn’t tell us which hospital my sister was admitted to. Then his phone went off as well,” said Tracy.

Tracy said that on 4 October, Lefadi came to Alexandra with Zama’s phone and gave it to her 16-year-old son. All the conversations and photos between the two were deleted, which raised red flags for the family.

Six days later, Lefadi came to fetch Zama’s clothes and he claimed that she had been discharged from the hospital and needed more clothes. He also took a spare set of keys from Zama’s teenage son advising him not to tell the elders. 

On 13 October the family met at Zama’s house to discuss her disappearance.

“When we tried to call Lefadi we realised that he had blocked us. Since then, he has been blocking everyone seeking information about Zama,” said Tracy.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo said police are investigating a missing case docket.