“By hugging a tree, you’re transmitting.” Bizarre video has Mzansi asking: is DJ Sbu ok?

Sizwe Sibiya

South Africa’s favorite entrepreneur DJ Sbu has Mzansi questioning if he is OK after he shared a video of himself encouraging people to hug, not other people – not even pets or even teddy bears – but trees.

“When you get a chance, just hug a tree, hug a tree,” he said in a video he uploaded to social media.

“You can hug a tree for like two, three minutes. By just hugging a tree, you’re transmitting and you are receiving,” explained an unshaven DJ Sbu whilst he paced under a tree.

DJ Sbu, who is also famous for motivating young entrepreneurs and SA youth to work hard, is also looking markedly less dapper than he usually is on the short clip. This has led some of his fans to question if he is feeling alright.

“When you get time, check on Sbu,” said one social media user, who shared the video on Facebook.

“Even the smile is concerning,” commented another.

While others may have missed the point DJ Sbu was trying to make, others pointed out the humour in this video.

“I think he means ka Valentine’s,” commented one fan, who was clearly trying hard to understand Sbu.