Bushiri bounces out of jail again – this time in Malawi

The Bushiris were released from jail in Malawi on Thursday night. 

According to a source at Malawi’s state broadcaster, Principal Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba ordered the release of Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary after they spent the night in prison.

Bushiri and his wife handed themselves in to the authorities in Malawi on Wednesday after skipping South Africa last week while on bail for money laundering and fraud.

Nyimba’s argument was apparently based on the technicalities of the arrest – and not on the merits of the case in SA.

The Bushiris were supposed to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

But their freedom could be short-lived as the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services in South Africa, Ronald Lamola, said SA was speeding up the extradition process.

“We expect to send the extradition papers in two weeks instead of the 30 days set by SADC.

“It’s the date we have set ourselves as the central authority because we understand the urgency of the matter and upon sending the document we will communicate with our colleagues in Malawi with the requests that have been mentioned in the documents,” Lamola said.


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