Breaking the silence

Everson Luhanga

The musician – Part 3 of Battered by boyfriends 

Meet Busisiwe Mhlanga.

Busisiwe Mhlanga is an Afro Soul musician who has released a song called Break the Silence to help women speak up about abuse.

Known as Lady B, she says the song tells of her personal experience of an abusive relationship. 

The father of her daughter was a “psycho,” she says, adding she will never forgive him for what he put her through.

This is Lady B’s story:

  • “He changed when I fell pregnant
  • “He became someone I didn’t know
  • “He started stalking me
  • “And beating me up”

She says the man used to threaten to kill her and himself if she ended her relationship with him.

She told us:

•       “He resigned from his work so he could follow me wherever I went

•       “He created an account on a dating app using my details, stating I was looking for men

•       “I started receiving endless calls from men across the country

•       “He would give my number to his girlfriends who kept calling and swearing at me

•       “After breaking up with me, he promised to make my life a living hell”

“Every time I hear that there is a woman who is murdered I feel like I’m the next one. I still feel like I’m still stuck in that relationship and he will come for me,” she says.

Lady B hopes her music is healing for women – and also men, because there are some men who also endure abuse at the hands of their partners.

Lady B urges other women in toxic relationships to Break the Silence and report abuse to the police.


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