Better wear undies if you are against masks

Everson Luhanga

If you are about to be thrown out of a shop for not wearing a mask, look down for solutions.

A maskless woman received applause from fellow shoppers in a queue where she was about to pay for her groceries but was told to put on a mask. After a heated argument with the cashiers, security was called.

In full view of other shoppers, the woman, who was wearing a dress, pulled down her underwear and pulled it over her face.

Behind her was another woman who was wearing her mask – also apparently an anti-masker – who applauded the panty stripper for what she did.

The second woman expressed the view that there would be less bacteria on the knickers than on the mask.

We can only hope for the maskless women’s sake that this is right and that the underwear was clean.

This woman would not be the first one to pull such a trick. There have been videos on social media of people being refused to get into taxis without a mask, but choosing their socks instead.

Some use their shirts to get away with it.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has emphasised the importance of wearing cloth masks for every citizen in order to beat the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We can only hope that the fact that the video has gone viral does not set off a trend.

No-one wants guys in grocery stores undressing and wrapping jockey skants around their faces.

Video source: @YB_JLN