Bake for the wake gets a big rise

By Buziwe Nocuze

Entrepreneur Lungisa Valeni from Gqeberha is experiencing a remarkable upturn in his business after his inspiring journey was shared by Scrolla.Africa.

Valeni’s business spirit led him to venture into baking pot bread in 2022, driven by his frustration with the lack of job opportunities.

Initially unsuccessful in Cape Town, Valeni returned to his hometown to establish his flourishing pot bread business.

Valeni expanded his expertise to include catering services for various occasions such as funerals, weddings and other events.

Despite facing jokes from some people regarding cooking at funerals as an unsavoury occupation, Valeni remained unfazed and stuck to his commitment to engage in lawful activities.

The publication of Valeni’s story had an astounding impact on his business, attracting an influx of customers from across all provinces.


Overwhelmed by the response, Valeni expressed his gratitude to Scrolla.Africa for the significant boost.

“I’m receiving many calls from people from different provinces, inviting me to cater for their events beyond what I could have imagined,” said Valeni, who is now ready to cater at weddings, funerals, birthday parties, and more.

Valeni’s tale also caught the attention of a kind-hearted individual who has already begun supporting his cause. The generous person has pledged a monthly contribution of R300 to cover the costs of pot bread that Valeni will distribute among disadvantaged families.

The donor’s intention is to raise awareness about Valeni’s business and the positive impact he aims to create in the community.

Initially, Valeni found it difficult to believe the news until he received the funds.

“Publishing my story not only benefits me but also has a ripple effect on the families who receive the pot bread.”

In addition to providing pot bread, Valeni occasionally includes meat to ensure a complete meal.

“When my business reaches the heights, I will give back to the community. For now, I’m providing them with meat alongside the bread. It may not be much, but it’s a step towards alleviating hunger,” Valeni said.

As Valeni’s customer base continues to grow, the need for a larger workspace becomes critical.

At the moment he operates from a rented garage but he hopes that someone will donate a container, large cooking pots, stoves, and gas.

Lungiswa Hoffman from Kokstad shared Valeni’s story with her family, praising him for his determination.

She emphasised the importance of supporting individuals like Valeni who stick to their ideal even if people laugh at him.

Hoffman said they plan to enlist Valeni’s catering services for their upcoming December birthday celebrations.

Pictured above: Lungisa Valeni is grateful for the overwhelming response to his story

Image source: Supplied

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