ANC takes another election hit in KZN despite Zuma’s help

By Mlungisi Gumede

Not even Jacob Zuma campaigning for them could save the ANC in the Northern KwaZulu-Natal town of Dannhauser. 

The party was dealt yet another severe blow when it lost the significant Ward 12 to the IFP in a by-election on Wednesday.

Zuma addressing a “victory” rally on Sunday ahead of the vote was announced with posters put up across the town, according to a report on IOL.

But when the results came in, it was clear that voters in this former ANC stronghold were not impressed. The IFP received 52% of the vote, while the ANC got 34%. The EFF received 12% and the Abantu Batho Congress (ABC) 2%.

The ward became vacant after Mlungisi Dhlamini, who was a proportional representation (PR) councillor, resigned.

The loss of Ward 12 is a sign of the ANC’s difficulties in Dannhauser. It did not only lose the ward but also lost outright control of Dannhauser. The IFP and its coalition partners now have 13 out of the town’s 25 seats.

The party will retain the mayor’s seat, plus it will now gain the deputy mayor and speaker’s positions.

In another KZN by-election, the ANC won Ward 8, in Buhlebezwe in the Harry Gwala District.

The ANC got 70% while the IFP got 20%, the EFF receiving 10%.

The ANC won 18 of the 27 seats in uBuhlebezwe. The EFF came second here with three. This was the municipality where the ANC did second-best in Harry Gwala, winning 64% of the vote.

This ward became vacant after its previous ward councillor passed away.

Pictured above: IFP supporters

Image source: IFP


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