ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba condemns Dudula but blames ANC for clashes

Everson Luhanga

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba did not mince his words as he condemned the “lawlessness” of members of anti-immigration groups Operation Dudula and the Alexandra Dudula Movement.

In an interview with Scrolla.Africa on Wednesday, Mashaba blamed the ANC for the clashes this week in Alexandra between members of the Dudula Movement and foreign traders.

He also said the ruling party is responsible for similar clashes in other parts of the country, and condemned vigilantes who try to illegally expel undocumented immigrants.

“I want to caution South Africans against taking the law into their own hands,” Mashaba said.

“You are rightly frustrated about illegal immigration but you must never forget – the systematic failure to manage immigration lies squarely at the feet of the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

“That is where we must direct our anger!”


The same statement was tweeted on his timeline on Wednesday, urging members of Dudula to refrain from taking the law into their own hands.

Mashaba said that in a democratic South Africa, people must mobilise and head to the ballot box to remove a government that is failing them and not resort to vigilantism.

“I can’t live in a society where there’s lawlessness.”

Mashaba also condemned the actions of the Alexandra Dudula Movement, whose actions cannot be described as vigilantism because they have been targeting foreign traders, regardless of whether they are in South Africa legally.

As well as setting fire to foreign owned stalls and assaulting foreign vendors, members have demanded that traders at the Pan Africa Mall show them their identity documents to determine their nationality.

“It is the job of the authorities both the police and the Department of Home Affairs to [check ID]. It is unlawful for a citizen to ask for documents from any person,” he said.

The former mayor of Johannesburg added that it must be noted that foreign nationals must enter the borders of South Africa with proper documents.

“Those found without proper documentation should be deported back to their respective countries. I am not apologetic about that,” he said.

In the local government elections held in November, ActionSA campaigned heavily against illegal immigration and Mashaba has faced accusations of xenophobia, which he has rejected.

Image source: @Zeke

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