A different kind of kid roams through Welsh village

Arthur Greene

The deserted streets of Llandudno, a village in Wales, UK has become overrun with the babies of wild goats. This is after the animals’ annual contraception programme was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kashmiri goats from the Great Orme headland in Wales have taken over the deserted streets of Llandudno as their population continues to boom.

The Kashmiri goats became famous during last year’s first lockdown when videos of the animals roaming the town went viral.

Sally Piddock, warden of the Great Orme country park told The Guardian this week that some of the bolder billy goats travel into town in search of warmth and food.

But there are growing concerns that as the lockdown eases, traffic will resume, putting the goats’ lives at risk.

Piddock said: “They have become very confident because so few people have been around during lockdown. We’re asking motorists to keep an eye out for them.”


Louis Emery, who represents the Great Orme area of Llandudno on Conwy Council, told BBC Wales it was a great concern at night, because the goats tend to wander more at night and the roads have been very quiet. 

“Drivers can literally come round the corner and be faced with eight or nine goats in the road.”

Piddock said when lockdown eases the campaign to give contraceptive injections to nanny goats will resume, and hopefully, the warmer summer weather will convince the billy goats to get off the streets and go home.

Picture source: @quietworld_book

Video source: @DrRimmer

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