A bear-y sweet surprise

It all went down at a military base in the US when a mama bear and her little cubby couldn’t resist the sugary scent coming from an open Krispy Kreme van. 

The usual practice for the delivery driver was to keep the doors open while he made his rounds at the convenience store at the Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson in the icy state of Alaska.

But this time, the two furry gatecrashers decided to take a bite… or many bites!

The duo seemed to be having a good time munching on jam doughnuts and other pastries. 

Attempts by Shelly Deano, the store manager, to shoo them away by banging on the van were, quite literally, fruitless. 

“I was beating on the van and they weren’t moving. I could hear them breaking open the packages and everything,” Deano recalled. “I was like, ‘They don’t even care!’”

Security was eventually called, and after some noisy sirens, the bears made their grand exit. 


After briefly parading in front of the store, they disappeared into the woods, probably with full tummies and happy hearts.

Deano mentioned that the driver would now be more careful with his deliveries, making sure that the van doors remain shut. 

The base staff, meanwhile, will be doubling up when taking out the trash, especially in the dark, AP reported. 

Compiled by staff writer

Pictured above: A bear eating doughnuts 

Image source: Generated by AI tool Midjourney

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