YoungstaCPT pens tribute to Riky Rick

Sizwe Sibiya

After the sudden death of hip-hop star Riky Rick on 23 February, musical tributes poured in for the late rapper, who reportedly took his own life.

Fellow rapper YoungstaCPT bided his time before coming out with his own tribute to his close friend, but his new release this week, “Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh””, may be the most heartfelt and moving homage to the rapper yet.

YoungstaCPT’s musical letter sums up all the good Riky Rick brought to the industry.

“Yeah, dear Rikhado, your loss cut a youngin’ deep. I used your intro for the beat ’cause it helps with the grief,” cries YoungstaCPT on the track.

“Your mother climbed Everest in less than twenty days. It amazes me to see all the strength that she displayed,” he raps, recalling Loiusa Zondo’s successful climb of Mount Everest.

Zondo, Riky Rick’s mother, started trekking up Mount Everest to honour her son, arriving at the base 10 days after she had started climbing the mountain in March.

Meanwhile, YoungstaCPT’s song was released with a music video, which shows a clip of the two artists together on a Johannesburg street corner.

“Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh” is currently sitting at number six on YouTube’s trending music videos, after it was released on Monday.