World news bites: White House attacks ‘edited’ Biden videos 

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US – The White House has accused “right-wing critics” of selectively editing videos in a “misinformation” campaign to question President Joe Biden’s mental state. In the most recent incident, Biden’s opponents claimed he experienced a moment of confusion that required former president Barack Obama to lead him offstage at a weekend fundraiser. A video of Biden peeling off from other Group of Seven world leaders on Thursday in Italy drew widespread scrutiny, with Biden’s critics arguing he looked aloof on the world stage, though a different cut of the video showed him walking away to talk to other individuals. The mental fitness of Biden, 81, and his opponent, Donald Trump, 78, has become a focal point during the run-up to the November elections. 

Malawi – Four people, including a pregnant woman, were killed and twelve others injured when a vehicle swerved to avoid the convoy carrying the body of the late Malawi vice-president Saulos Chilima and hit mourners. This incident happened on Sunday night following clashes between locals, police, and soldiers escorting the funeral convoy from the capital to Chilima’s home village for burial. Tensions were high as some mourners threw stones at government vehicles. Chilima had died in a plane crash a week earlier and was buried on Monday.

China – G7 leaders warned China about helping Russia with its war in Ukraine by supporting Russia’s defence industry. At the end of the G7 summit in Italy, they told China to stop supplying Russia with materials that could be used for civilian and military purposes. They also threatened more sanctions against Chinese companies helping Russia’s military. The US specifically accused China of giving Russia semiconductors, materials, and machine tools needed for military equipment production.

Russia – President Vladimir Putin is going to Pyongyang, North Korea, to meet leader Kim Jong Un. This is Putin’s first visit to Pyongyang since 2000, after their last meeting in Vladivostok, Russia, in September. The US and South Korea have accused North Korea of supplying Russia with artillery and equipment in exchange for food and military aid. Both countries denied an arms deal last year but promised to boost military cooperation. Facing Western isolation after the Ukraine invasion, Putin seeks new alliances, with North Korea being one of his stops before visiting Vietnam to discuss trade and other issues.

Pictured above: Barack Obama, actor Jack Black and Joe Biden.

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