World news bites: Nicki Minaj arrested before show

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Amsterdam – Nicki Minaj’s concert in Manchester on Saturday night was postponed after Dutch police found marijuana in her bags as she prepared to leave the Netherlands. Promoters Live Nation announced the concert would be rescheduled, and tickets would be kept. Minaj tweeted that Amsterdam airport police weighed the marijuana. Marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands but is tolerated for recreational use. Robert Van Kapel of the Netherlands military police confirmed that a 41-year-old American woman was fined and released for exporting soft drugs. Minaj tweeted that she believed the incident was an attempt to delay her concert and cause negative media coverage. 

Papua New Guinea – Up to 2,000 people may have been buried by a large landslide in Papua New Guinea. The landslide happened last Friday in the Enga region. Initially, the United Nations reported around 100 fatalities, which was later changed to 670 by the International Organization for Migration. The landslide destroyed the village of Kaokalam, located about 600 kilometres northwest of Port Moresby, leaving scattered waste in an area the size of four football fields.

Australia – Scientists have discovered a new prehistoric creature which walked in Australia and resembles both the platypus and echidna. Officially named “Opalios splendens”, this fossil was found in northern New South Wales. The discovery suggests Australia once had an “age of monotremes” with a variety of these egg-laying mammals. The fossils, about 100 million years old, were initially found 25 years ago by palaeontologist Elizabeth Smith and her daughter and then forgotten in the Australian Museum until recently. 

Israel – At least 35 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike on a displaced people’s camp in Rafah on Sunday, as reported by Gaza authorities. The Israeli military said they targeted a Hamas facility in the area, resulting in the deaths of two senior Hamas officials. Sirens were activated in Tel Aviv and parts of central Israel after rockets were launched at the city for the first time in months, with Hamas claiming responsibility for the attack. Talks for a ceasefire and hostage negotiations are expected to resume on Tuesday, with previous discussions between Israel and Hamas stalling due to disagreements on key issues. 

Pictured above: Nicki Minaj.

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