World news bites: Israel alleges journalist held hostages in Gaza 

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Israel – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a deadly operation in the Nuseirat camp in central Gaza, rescuing three hostages. They are alleging that they were held by journalist Abdallah Aljamal and his family. The IDF claims, without evidence, that the hostages, who had been kidnapped by Hamas militants from the Nova music festival, were held captive for 246 days. Palestinian authorities report 274 deaths and 698 injuries from the operation, while the IDF estimates casualties at under 100. Aljamal, his wife, and father were killed during the operation with the IDF stating the hostages were found on the third floor of the building. The IDF also claims Aljamal was a Hamas operative and a journalist for Al Jazeera. CNN is seeking further comments from those familiar with Aljamal.

Britain – Michael Mosley, a British TV presenter known for his health advice and popular documentaries, went missing on the Greek island of Symi after a solo walk on Wednesday. His wife, Dr. Claire Bailey, has expressed her grief, calling him “wonderful, funny, kind, and brilliant”. Greek authorities have found a body believed to be Mosley’s and are in the process of transferring it to Rhodes for identification. Mosley, who left without his phone, was the subject of a days-long search involving police, fire brigade, coast guard, and volunteers. Mosley’s wife mentioned that he might have taken a wrong route during a climb, leading to his collapse in a hard-to-find spot.

China – Protest footage, police movements, and arrest news are among the real-time updates that Teacher Li Is Not Your Teacher posts, sourced from ordinary citizens. None of this information is found on China’s state-controlled media or internet. Behind this torrent of updates is Li Ying, an art school student in Italy, who has become a crucial chronicler of politically sensitive information in Xi Jinping’s China. His X account reveals acts of dissent and corruption often scrubbed from the Chinese internet, earning him the anger of Chinese authorities. In an interview with the BBC, Li claimed that Beijing is harassing him and his friends, family, and followers through a coordinated intimidation campaign. While the Chinese government has not responded to these allegations, such tactics are documented by activists and rights groups.

Sudan – At least 150 people were killed and 200 injured in an attack by Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the village of Wad al-Nour in Al-Jazira state, officials and witnesses reported. The attack, part of a year-long war that has displaced over 7-million people, saw over 40 armed RSF vehicles storm the village on 5 June, using heavy weaponry on mostly civilian targets, including women and children. Fighting continues nearby, leaving villagers in fear of further violence. Eyewitnesses described scenes of terror and confirmed that more than 120 bodies have been buried in a mass grave.

Pictured above: Journalist Abdallah Aljamal.

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