When it comes to business, brave Dinki ain’t no chicken!

Lungani Zungu

When brave Dinki Mthembu lost her job as a security guard, she didn’t sit down and cry about her bad luck.

Instead, she used her UIF money to start a chicken business.

“I didn’t pity myself, but I fought to make my life better,” She told Scrolla.Africa, 

That was in 2019 and today, Dinki from Hammarsdale in Durban, sells around 1000 chickens a month.

She said her retrenchment was a blessing in disguise.

“My head spun when I was told that I no longer had a job, but I immediately started thinking about things that I could do to survive,” she said.


“Losing a job is devastating, but not having a plan is a disaster.”

Mthembu advises people to start businesses during the pandemic and fight until they reach their goals.

The mother of two said she enjoyed being a businesswoman.

“I’m not making that much money, but waking up to work on something that is mine is priceless,” she said.

“It is difficult to start but once you get going everything falls into place.”

She said circumstances pushed her to start her own business, but she is happy the way things have turned out. Her business is currently based in Hammarsdale but she has plans to expand.

“People should learn to do their own thing. Even if you own a tuck shop and you make that R1 profit, you are better off,” she said.

“My motto is: backward never, forward ever.”

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