When a lover becomes a monster

Everson Luhanga

The sangoma – Part 2 of Battered by boyfriends

Sangoma Langa Libalele says that two months after she left her abusive boyfriend, she heard he had been arrested for murder. He had allegedly stabbed his new girlfriend to death.

She thanks her ancestors for saving her from a lover who became a monster in her life. “I was abused physically, emotionally, and financially,” she says.

“I was lucky to have left him while still alive. My ancestors protected me from him. 

“I was at the hospital many a time he assaulted me.”

Born Nthabiseng Khechane, sangoma Langa Libalele says she was beaten with a chain, bottles, sjamboks, and other objects.

It got worse.

She said that when her ex-boyfriend moved in with her, he was not working and had no place of his own. Life was tough for him.

“I used to buy everything for him. I used to buy him clothes, food, and even booze. But still, I was the bad person to him. He found mistakes in everything I did and picked a fight. It was a living hell.”

She says the most hurtful thing was when he brought another woman into her house.

  • “He chased me out of my bedroom to make me sleep on the sitting room couch
  • “I heard them having sex
  • “Some nights, he would force himself on me soon after having sex with his girlfriend in my bed”

Sangoma Langa says that was not all:

  • “He beat me up for inviting his friends over for a surprise birthday party I organised for him
  • “He would burn me with cigarettes on my breasts, thighs, and bum
  • “I live with scars all over my body”

She says that during all these incidents, she only reported him once to the cops, but she dropped the case a few days later.

Sangoma Langa says the day he allegedly stabbed and killed a woman he was dating, community members beat him up and he had to be rescued by cops. He was then arrested at the same time.


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