Vegas Grand Prix was everything except a success 

By Dylan Bettencourt
Sports Editor

Despite several disasters and mishaps during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the entertaining race masked just how poor the experience was. 

Max Verstappen has never been, and never will be, a fan of the spectacle of Formula 1 outside of the actual racing. 

And a lot of the focus at the Vegas Grand Prix was on the “show” outside of the actual racing. 

Verstappen let his feelings be known on why the Vegas Grand Prix is not one he enjoys. 

“I love Vegas but not to drive in a Formula One car,” he said. He said he loved to have a few drinks, throw everything on red and have some nice food.

“But emotions, passion? It’s not there compared to some old-school tracks. For me, it’s more about the proper race tracks, Spa, and Monza. Seeing the fans there is incredible and when I jump in the car I am fired up and I love driving around those places.”

The three-time world champion explained how street tracks in general are not suited for Formula 1 cars and he’s right. 

To make matters worse, the weekend-long event was poorly organised – and the fans paid the price. But they’ve fought back. 

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against the organisers of the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix following disruptions that led to fans missing most of the initial two practice sessions on Friday. 

The incident began when Carlos Sainz in his Ferrari collided with a loose drain cover, resulting in the first session being halted after only nine minutes. Efforts to repair the drain cover and inspect others delayed the second session’s start from midnight to 2.30am.

Adding to the issue, fans were unable to witness the rescheduled second practice as they were asked to leave the venue due to the expiration of the venue staff’s legal working hours. 

F1 and the Las Vegas Grand Prix organisers offered $200 merchandise vouchers as compensation to single-session ticket holders, but they didn’t extend the gesture to those who had purchased multi-day packages.

The lawsuit was filed in Nevada District Court by the Dimopoulos Law Firm. While a F1 spokesperson confirmed the class action, he declined to comment further on the matter. 

Pictured above: The Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

Image source: F1


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