Twerking 101: Cyan Boujee teaches kids how to twerk

Cyan Boujee, the South African DJ, decided to give schoolchildren a lesson in twerking after being invited to give a motivational speech. 

Now, if you thought algebra was confusing, imagine the look on these kids’ faces as Cyan bent over and gave a masterclass in twerking. 

People on social media are criticising the DJ left, right, and centre for her actions. 

And let’s not forget the parents of these students – they’re being called to the principal’s office of public opinion. 

One person on social media was quick to point out: “The parents need to stand up against this madness!”

Another posted their concern: “And I hope parents do something about this! She just realised that nobody in our age group fakhi with her style now she wants young innocent kids to be her audience!” 

Pictured above: Cyan Boujee. 

Image source: X


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