“Trump said Mandela f-ed up South Africa”

Nelson Mandela
source: nelsonmandela.org

Everyone knows American President Donald Trump is a racist.

But his former lawyer Michael Cohen has written a book that tells us how bad it is.

After Nelson Mandela died in 2013, Trump said: “Mandela f—ed the whole country up. Now it’s a s—hole. F— Mandela. He was no leader.”

Cohen also alleged that Trump said: “Tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a s—hole. They are all complete f—ing toilets.”

Cohen who was convicted for tax evasion, false statements and for paying to silence women who alleged affairs with Trump before the 2016 presidential election, has turned against his former boss.

Cohen writes that Trump’s hatred of America’s first Black President Barack Obama was so extreme he hired an Obama look-alike who he would belittle in his office and then fire.

Cohen describes Trump’s visit to a Las Vegas night club with Russian friends where they watched a show in which one stripper urinated on another who pretended to drink it. Cohen says Trump was delighted.

Cohen’s revelations have been denied by the White House.

Last week an article in an American magazine claimed Trump had called America’s war dead “losers” and “suckers”.

The US election is on November 3.