Trevor Noah bags an Emmy!

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah took home the Emmy Award for best variety talk series on Monday, the first time the show has won the award since Noah has been at the helm.

The last time the show won the coveted award was in 2015, in Jon Stewart’s final year as the host.

Ever since then, it has garnered a massive 17 nominations without ever winning. 

Now, it just so happens to have taken home the prize after Noah announced his departure.

The South African comedian was elated to knock rival show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver off its perch, after it dominated the Emmys in recent years.

“We did it. We got rid of John Oliver!” Noah joked as he stepped up on stage to accept the award with his team.

“Can I just say this? This story has been so long. It’s been so crazy. It’s been so wonderful,” he continued.

He went on to thank “the crazy Africans who followed me to this country” and “crazy genius” Jon Stewart, who invited Noah to host The Daily Show after he left.

“It was a wild journey,” he finished. “The craziest journey I didn’t predict, I didn’t expect.”

While Noah was busy making his speech on stage, eagle-eyed viewers noticed one of the Daily Show team members saying something behind him. 

Roy Wood Jr stole the spotlight when he appeared to mouth the words: “Kindly hire a host.”

The comedian later took to social media to confirm the speculation, writing on X: “Chill fam I was trying to do that in the low.”

Noah’s final appearance in the hot seat of the show was in December 2022. Since then he came back to South Africa for a coming home comedy tour of the country.

Compiled by staff writer.

Pictured above: Trevor Noah accepts an Emmy Award for best variety talk series.

Image source: X


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