Thor the parrot helps Baxter the roo make his great escape

Dylan Bettencourt

A kangaroo spent the day roaming the streets of Louisiana after a parrot unlocked its enclosure.

Baxter the kangaroo was seen hopping along a highway according to WBRZ-TV.

A driver was shocked when his brother spotted Baxter running alongside the car while driving on the highway.

“He said, ‘there’s a kangaroo on the side of the road!’ I was like, ‘what are you talking about?’ I turned around, and sure enough, there was a kangaroo,” the driver said.

The kangaroo escaped from his enclosure that used to operate as a zoo, but now runs as a non-profit organisation specialising in releasing wild birds back into their natural habitat.

One of those birds, a parrot called Thor, learnt how to unlock the gates of the enclosures.

And Thor used his skills to give Baxter the adventure of a lifetime.

Baxter spent several hours exploring the city before being lured in by the undeniable scent of peanut butter put out by a local police officer.

The peanut butter trap worked a charm and the officer was able to capture the kangaroo.

The owners were delighted by the news and came to pick Baxter up, before being told they had to give him up.

Animals that are not native to America are not permitted to be kept as pets in the Louisiana city of East Baton Rouge.

The owners have a week to find Baxter a new home or face being fined.

Image source: @CamperMate


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